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Project Management Tools & Strategies for Everyone

Time limit: 50 days

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Project Management


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Transform Teams, Drive Success: Learn Essential Project Management Skills for Effective Collaboration

Course Description

This introductory course offers an overview of the fundamental concepts, principles, and tools needed to effectively manage projects. Students will develop an understanding of project management processes, including project planning, execution, monitoring, and control. Students will learn how to effectively manage projects from start to finish, ensuring successful completion within scope, time, and budget constraints. By the end of the course, students will have a solid foundation in project management and be able to contribute to project success in any industry.  

Learning Objectives

  1. Acquire basic project management vocabulary

  2. Recognize the role of the project manager

  3. Understand the five process groups of project management: Initiation,Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control, and Closure

  4. Recognize common project management models: Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid

  5. Understand the importance of risk management in a project.

Target Learner

Anyone involved in project work, whether as a project manager or team member, can benefit from leveraging proven strategies to ensure successful project outcomes.

Course Topics

  • Project Management
  • Project Management Life Cycle

Meet the Course Developers

Aretha Boex


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This non-credit course is offered online using the Canvas LMS, over a 5-week period. It is asynchronous, but not self-paced. You will have a total of 49 days to complete the course. The 49 days to complete begins on the day of enrollment and under no circumstances will extensions be given. The course is approximately 15 hours. You should plan to spend about 3 hours per week on the course. You will be assessed throughout the course to demonstrate proficiency on the subject matter. You must pass all assessments before receiving the course badge. 


Refunds: Please note the course price does not include any credit card processing fees required by our vendor. Refunds can be issued within 48 hours of registration; no refunds will be given after the course has begun.