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Introductory Statistics with Excel and Power Query

May 3, 2024 - Nov 15, 2024

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Intro to Statistics

With Excel &

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3 Weeks



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& Synchronous

Learn about to power of Excel and Power Query to extract and transfrom data..

Course Description

In this module, we introduce a powerful tool to extract and transform data: Power Query.  Power Query allows you to extract data from numerous data sources, transform that data, and load the appropriate data into your application (e.g. Excel).  Using this data, we will show you how to implement various statistical tests in Excel and what they mean for your business.

This course's next synchronous lab session will be on November 14th, 1PM-4PM.  Asynchronous content will be available immediately upon registration and launching the course.


Target Learner

Business professionals, data analysts, career changers, and even students looking for move into a field requring data analysis skills.

Course Topics

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsft Power Query
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analysis

Meet the Course Developers

Jessica Perrigan

Economics Faculty

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Refunds can be issued within 48 hours of registration; no refunds will be given after the course has begun.