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K-3 Reading Literacy - OPS 24-25

Aug 9, 2024 - May 23, 2025


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August 9, 2024



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K-3 Reading Literacy

Digital Badge




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1-3 Hours




Asynchronous &

In-Person Workshops

Unlock Reading Skills for Early Learners

Course Description

The K-3 Reading Literacy Badge builds knowledge and instructional practices focused on early literacy development. With a focus on the components of foundational skills: (print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics and word recognition, and fluency), participants will understand how typical readers develop, and identify evidence-based strategies to support K-3 student learning and practice.

Learning Objectives

  1. Examine concepts of print and their influence on the development of early readers
  2. Identify the relationship between phonemic awareness and reading proficiency
  3. Develop strategies for teaching phonics using an explicit, systematic approach
  4. Develop strategies to enhance students’ sight word vocabulary and word analysis skills to identify words and their meaning
  5. Articulate the dimensions of fluency, how fluency or the lack thereof influences comprehension, and examine strategies to enhance fluency
  6. Improve the field and/or school community by sharing expertise with colleagues through presentations, professional learning communities (PLCs), and interdisciplinary collaborations to ensure comprehensive support of early readers

Target Learner

Nebraska K-3 Educators

Course Topics

  • Print & Phonemic Awareness
  • Decoding
  • Sight Word Recognition
  • Fluency

Meet the Course Facilitator

Jennifer Lemke, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, Teacher Education - UNO College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences

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In 2024-2025, Nebraska K-3 Educators must be approved through their district to participate.

Successful K-3 Reading Literacy Digital Badge completers are eligible to earn either graduate course credit OR a paid stipend.  

Course credit and stipend are both dependent upon 1) successful K-3 Reading Literacy Digital Badge completion and 2) execution of course credit or stipend protocols.

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