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Leading in Uncertain Times: Concepts in Change Management & Resiliency

Ended Mar 3, 2024

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Full course description

In a world of rapid change and uncertainty, effective leaders must navigate a complex landscape while embodying adaptive, purpose-driven leadership. They continuously monitor industry trends and global dynamics, making informed decisions to turn challenges into growth opportunities. Adaptive leaders embrace change, encouraging learning, innovation, and experimentation within their teams. During crises, they demonstrate resilience, remaining composed and communicating transparently to inspire confidence and collaboration. By fostering a culture of agility, transparency, and inclusivity, leaders empower their teams to adapt and thrive in the face of uncertainty.  Purpose-driven leadership aligns everyone around a shared vision, providing a sense of unity and commitment, while resilience ensures perseverance and continuous improvement. This combination of traits equips organizations to navigate the everchanging landscape successfully.  


Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an adaptive strategic intuition to make smart decisions in the face of a rapidly changing external environment 
  • Obtain a deeper understanding of how your organization’s success will be increasingly based upon developing a culture of adaptability  
  • Build resilience and emotional intelligence in both your organization and yourself 
  • Learn to navigate the pitfalls of managing teams and organizations through ambiguity and changing priorities  
  • Develop and understanding the psychology of crisis and change and its effects on your organization 
  • Learn to utilize crises as opportunities for growth and positive transformation 
  • Become aware of common blind spots that leaders have during change and how to address them   
  • Learn to manage resistance and motivate your organization through transition (change) 

Format: This non-credit course is offered online using the Canvas LMS, over a 5-week period. It is asynchronous, but not self-paced. You will have a total of 49 days to complete the course. The 49 days to complete begins on the day of enrollment and under no circumstances will extensions be given. This course takes approximately 15 hours to complete. You should plan to spend about 3 hours per week. You will be assessed throughout the course to demonstrate proficiency on the subject matter. You must pass all assessments before receiving the course badge. 



Refunds: Please note the course price does not include any credit card processing fees required by our vendor. Refunds can be issued within 48 hours of registration; no refunds will be given after the course has begun.