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Anti-Racism in Early Childhood Education (Listing) is a Course

Anti-Racism in Early Childhood Education (Listing)

Ended Jun 30, 2021

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Learning objectives will include: 

1. Recognize the role of racism, past and present, in the broader U.S context and schooling system 

2. Engage in cri/cal self-reflec/on as a means to unearth and interrogate how socializa/on experiences as well as the racial discourse of U.S society may impact areas of teaching practice 

3. Develop and implement an anti-racist early years curriculum so as to foster positive racial identity development among racialized children 

4. Develop knowledge of and skills in creating anti- racist play-based environments 

5. Develop anti-racist pedagogy, instructional practices 

6. Cultivate anti-racist family- centered partnerships 

7. Recognize how racial trauma may affect young children and develop racial-trauma informed teaching

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